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With over 10 years experience on the Internet, we rely on the power of Google to promote your website.

what-is-seoWhat is SEO Web?

SEO (Natural search)

The major search engines use complex algorithms and, largely, to analyze intelligence and ‘note’ your website. For this reason, it is difficult to master the position of your site in search results from Google, Yahoo and other major engines. Nevertheless, the SEO is particularly effective over time. These are the foundations of SEO for your website. The results for a new website are measurable over the medium term.

It lies in the quality of the website development, its contents and how the keywords are relevant.

 Why Doing Search Engine OptimizationWhy doing SEO?

A Web site can be compare to a store in a city. To be successful in your business you must choose the right street in the right neighborhood in the city. Thus you have the best chance of achieving your goals. Also, SEO is the best way to run a good position in search engines. Today, 85% of Internet users use Google daily. That’s why We focus our efforts primarily on Google.

who-must-do-SEOWho is concern by SEO?

  • Your just finished your web design and you want to market and promote it?
  • Your website has been online for several months or years and nothing happens ?
  • Your website has already archives some good result but needs to go a step higher ?

 Google_adwordsGoogle AdWords

Campaigns “Google Ad Word” are probably the most famous and effective. Your website can be instantly  visible on the Google first page and as well on 1000′s other website affiliated to the  ”Ad Sense” network.

One of the main strengths of the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) business is that you can target individuals or companies interested in your products or business in a specific country, city and  with the language you want. It provides the best visibility of the “ROI” Return On Investment that is very simple to calculate.

SEO-GuidelinesGuidelines for a High Ranking:

• The quality of content (text, photos, etc.)

• The quality of the code of your website, in line with standard search engines

• The quality and implementation of keywords in your website in line with your target

• Regular monitoring of the evolution of your website and operation of search engines to optimize every detail.

our web marketing servicesHow can we help you?

  • Make an Audit of your website
  • Design and implement an SEO strategy in line with your targets and objectives
  • Set up your Google Analytics Account with an effective tracking System
  • Set up and monitor your Google AdWords campaigns
  • Optimization of your website to high rank in the major Search Engines as Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Build for you a back-links campaign

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